…what it’s all about



Hello and welcome to cut and sew – the blog! The idea if this blog is something that’s been with me for a long time, and my plan is that it will be part of a bigger thing, conducting of 3 things, see it as a big pie and this blog is 1/3 of it…The two other parts I hope will be out there during 2013.

So what is this blog all about then? Well, my name is Stella, and ever since I was little I’ve been creating things. I would build little houses and random constructions out of paper and tape, sew clothes and accessories of various kinds, make necklaces etc etc… So, regardless where I’ve been in my life, I’ve always created. This blog will be a mix of things, but DIY, design, fashion, interior and traveling will be the main base. I really hope you will like it!


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