Pattern making Sunday

For a big project I am working on, involving men’s clothing, I got two patterns.

I downloaded the files and printed them out. Afterwards it was kind of a big jigsaw (but very logical)

Next step was taping and gluing the pieces together, figuring out what size I needed and then tracing.

After a lot of crawling on the floor, drawing and cutting – I am done!

Or, at least step 1 is finished! Step 2 will come up in a few days, I just have to wash the fabric first!


my week!

a little late, given its Friday, but hey, better late than never, right?

1. Parts of my new collection are being packed

2. My favourite bracelets

3. En route to Sweden!

4. Beautiful Stockholm morning

5. read a few fashion books from my moms collection

6. coffee and ice cream with my sister and her youngest

7. yellow tomatoes at the farmers market

8. …and then eating them.

9. was going to be hot on my return

10. evening walk after dinner back in Prague. These are 2 of my favourite buildings, they look like cake!

my, oh my!

What happened? I think work and a trip home came in the way for some blogging, but I’m back in Prague, back working and back blogging! My weekly “my week” post will be up soon as well as some nice pictures from my trip! 

My week!

1. Afternoon coffee + work

2. my fashion calendar

3. windows on my way from work

4. found at the globe bookstore. the woman in the shop called me as soon as it came in, how sweet?!

5. work supplies + supplies for my new collection..

6. dinner reservations at the best burger place in Prague

7. brunch with my man

8. Sunday night work.

This week has been a bit stressful, but I am a little bit closer on my new collection. Tomorrow I’m flying to Sweden until the end of the week – I can’t wait!

Food: Blueberry muffins!

The other day I was meeting up with a friend for a coffee, but the same second I was planning on leaving the house, some construction workers rang the door bell… So, I invited my friend over instead and after some catching up, we decided to bake blueberry muffins!

As it is season for blueberries, we got some fresh from a little stand just around the corner from our flat. Hope you will enjoy the recipe…

Blueberry muffins, makes 12. 

100g butter (as in real butter, no margarine, goes without saying)
2 eggs
1.dl sugar
2 dl milk (no non-fat crap)
4 dl flour
2 tsp baking powder

Turn on the oven for 175 degrees (abt 350F) and fill a muffin pan with paper baking cups.

Crack the eggs in a mixing bowl and and the sugar. Whisk until its thick and creamy, it is slightly easier with a mixer.

In a small pot, melt the butter and then add the milk into the pot. Stir in the milk/butter to the egg mixture. Note that you should stir it, not mix/whisk!

In a different bowl, mix the flour, baking powder and vanilla and then slowly poor it into the mixture. Make sure it’s well mixed before you pour the mixture in the muffin pan. Try and fill about 3/4 of the cup. Then pop a few blueberries in each muffin, and give them a slight push down into the batter. If you mix the blueberries in the batter, you’ll end up with grey batter  – not that appetising..

Bake for ca 12-15 minutes, keep an eye on them, they should be light golden. Let them cool for as long as you can (10 sec!) and then enjoy! ps! of course you can add a different berry for these muffins, or mix it up with cacao or chocolate chips!

my week!

1. The fountain at Karlovo Namesti

2. My favourite vintage bag. A bargain! And in a stupid moment I promised my sister she could have it..

3. The view from our bedroom. I love it.

4. Fresh coffee from The Globe

5. The waiting room at the doctors. I stepped on a wasp and one week later my toe still looked like a little sausage.

6. German 1L water bottle. Have I mentioned its been hot lately?

7. Walking home from dinner + movie the other night

8. We went to a fashion/design market Saturday that was held at the botanical garden. Was a really nice area to walk around in.

9. The rest of the weekend pretty much looked like this, very nice!

Did you have a nice week?

A weekend in Berlin!

Earlier this summer, we went for a weekend trip to Berlin with a few friends visiting from the States. We’ve been there before, but it’s such a great and cool city, there’s always so much going on, things to see, nice restaurants, cool cafes and cute shops.

Getting of our u-bahn stop, we passed this daredevil…
…which actually is art and no real human, but still pretty cool.

The first evening, our friends went to the opera, and my bf and I went for a nice tapas dinner at a really cute little Spanish place close to where we lived. 

They had these nice candle holders on the table, we had nice wine and it was one of the first days where it was actually warm enough to sit outside even after the sun had gone down.

The day after, our friends + bf rented bicycles and went for a few sights, but I had other plans on my mind… Berlin is a great city for vintage shopping, and I was on the hunt for some cool shops, plus to check out a few fabric stores as well for my next collection. After the first shop, Soeur, I stumbled over this tiny little tacos place! (side note: we went to california last spring, and I ate fish tacos at least once I day. I am MAD about them, favourite dish ever!) I was so excited, and luckily a bit hungry as well, so I ordered their fish tacos and a corona. Even though it was pretty windy, it was just like I was back in California… Full and happy, I went on with my tour! I found a few great places, ended up with some cute fabrics and a desire to go back very soon.

In the evening, we went for thai-tapas at a place called Transit. When you sit down, you are given a list with the dishes served and a menu, and then you fill the paper with how many and what dishes you want, and each dish is only 3 €! We had a whole bunch of them, and I had some great salmon soup, yum yum! 

The day after, there wasn’t really much time for anything but a nice brunch and a stroll in the park before we headed back to Prague . 

vintage sewing and a little bit of this and that

A while ago I went to a flea market organised by expats for expats living here in Prague. As our flat is already too full, and we would do better getting rid of things rather than buying new, I said I wasn’t buying anything.

Oh well.

I passed this older woman’s little corner, where on the ground I found a big bag full of old sewing things! I had to have it! She sold it to me for a great price and I was very pleased. (who goes to a flea market saying she can’t buy anything, anyway?). Sort of at the same time, I got this idea that I wanted to open a shop that sells fun and quirky sewing things, patterns, fabrics as well as things from my own brand. Until a gazillion dollars fall down on my head, I decided to start small.

My etsy shop has slowly sold out of most of the stock, and looked very sad lately, so I decided to use it as my base. Yesterday I wrote a new description, added a new header (not so sure about it yet, what do you think?) and started to take pictures and uploading some new items! 

The shop will now have my own things, vintage sewing supplies and some baby things I made (there’s a bit of a baby boom among my friends right now..). In the future, I hope to be selling other items like fabric, a small selection of stationary and maybe some prints. Crazy mix? Yes. But hopefully something for everyone!

Let’s talk about…. organising!

Being a designer and crafter, I have to have a lot of sewing things like zippers, buttons, thread, needles etc and in order to not have to spend hours looking for what I need, I have everything pretty neatly organised. It might take some time and effort fixing everything and getting it the way you want it, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to have what you need so easy to reach. 

I prefer to sort my things in zip locks, specially things that comes in different sizes and colours

I use these plastic boxes from IKEA, they are pretty cheap and they come in a variety of sizes. I have bigger ones for fabric. I put labels on them so that I can easily find what I am looking for.

Are you good at organising and keeping your things in order?

ps! some of the vintage zippers are for sale here!

a note on the side..

The official launch for this blog, wont be until September 1st, therefore the posts are a bit sporadic. You might also notice some changes between your visits, and that’s simply cause I want to tweak this blog into perfection before the big launch! However, I am very happy to see I already have a few readers (and followers!!), so please bear with me this month of building cut and sew up…