vintage sewing and a little bit of this and that

A while ago I went to a flea market organised by expats for expats living here in Prague. As our flat is already too full, and we would do better getting rid of things rather than buying new, I said I wasn’t buying anything.

Oh well.

I passed this older woman’s little corner, where on the ground I found a big bag full of old sewing things! I had to have it! She sold it to me for a great price and I was very pleased. (who goes to a flea market saying she can’t buy anything, anyway?). Sort of at the same time, I got this idea that I wanted to open a shop that sells fun and quirky sewing things, patterns, fabrics as well as things from my own brand. Until a gazillion dollars fall down on my head, I decided to start small.

My etsy shop has slowly sold out of most of the stock, and looked very sad lately, so I decided to use it as my base. Yesterday I wrote a new description, added a new header (not so sure about it yet, what do you think?) and started to take pictures and uploading some new items! 

The shop will now have my own things, vintage sewing supplies and some baby things I made (there’s a bit of a baby boom among my friends right now..). In the future, I hope to be selling other items like fabric, a small selection of stationary and maybe some prints. Crazy mix? Yes. But hopefully something for everyone!


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