A weekend in Berlin!

Earlier this summer, we went for a weekend trip to Berlin with a few friends visiting from the States. We’ve been there before, but it’s such a great and cool city, there’s always so much going on, things to see, nice restaurants, cool cafes and cute shops.

Getting of our u-bahn stop, we passed this daredevil…
…which actually is art and no real human, but still pretty cool.

The first evening, our friends went to the opera, and my bf and I went for a nice tapas dinner at a really cute little Spanish place close to where we lived. 

They had these nice candle holders on the table, we had nice wine and it was one of the first days where it was actually warm enough to sit outside even after the sun had gone down.

The day after, our friends + bf rented bicycles and went for a few sights, but I had other plans on my mind… Berlin is a great city for vintage shopping, and I was on the hunt for some cool shops, plus to check out a few fabric stores as well for my next collection. After the first shop, Soeur, I stumbled over this tiny little tacos place! (side note: we went to california last spring, and I ate fish tacos at least once I day. I am MAD about them, favourite dish ever!) I was so excited, and luckily a bit hungry as well, so I ordered their fish tacos and a corona. Even though it was pretty windy, it was just like I was back in California… Full and happy, I went on with my tour! I found a few great places, ended up with some cute fabrics and a desire to go back very soon.

In the evening, we went for thai-tapas at a place called Transit. When you sit down, you are given a list with the dishes served and a menu, and then you fill the paper with how many and what dishes you want, and each dish is only 3 €! We had a whole bunch of them, and I had some great salmon soup, yum yum! 

The day after, there wasn’t really much time for anything but a nice brunch and a stroll in the park before we headed back to Prague . 


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