Have a nice weekend!

The last weekend in September! Do you have any plans? I will be finishing up a few big projects I’m currently working on. I’m also hoping to meet up with a few friends.

Have a good one and see you next week!


Birds and stars and evening work

Earlier this year, I went a bit nuts on etsy/ebay/the internet and ordered a bunch of jewellery making things.  The finished products first saw its light on a market this spring (a cold, rainy day) but one of the organisers who’s also a shop owner fell in love with them, and now they are for sale in her cute little shop.

The other night, I made a new bunch and went with a few new designs –

What do you think? If you are in Prague, they are for sale here and if not, send me an email if you are interested in getting your own!

My week – Berlin

I left Stockholm for Berlin last Tuesday evening, so this weeks “my week” will be from my week in Berlin. Enjoy a few of my favourites…

1. Woke up to this view

2. Berliner Pilsner in the sun

3. Dinner at White Trash fast food. Which is neither trashy or fast food, but tasty american style in a Chinese environment.

4. Learn Italian at the same time as you learn German. Or the other way around.

5. Hanging in the bar

6. Brunch at Einstein Stammhaus

7. <3

8. Morning walk

9. Afternoon coffee in the sun

10. Karaoke in Mauerpark

11. Dinner time!

12. Back side of the East side gallery

13. Street art is everywhere in Berlin

That sort of sums up my week in Berlin! Can’t wait to go back, which luckily happens already in December as we are moving there!

Hello Berlin!

I’m finally here!


We’re on a bit of a research trip, however, tomorrow morning my friend Ellinor is coming!! Last time we saw each other it looked like this…

Now – time for breakfast!

My week!

This is actually the two last weeks from my days in Stockholm, which are very quickly coming to an end. Already tomorrow evening I am leaving, but this time for a week in Berlin where I first will meet up with Jason and on Saturday morning my friend from university is coming!! But first – the past week!

1. My new business cards!

2. Farmers market every Saturday

3. Cookies and cakes at ikea

4. A year with HILDEBRANDT

5. Afternoon coffee with a nice background

6. Beer

7. Pretty evening sun

8. My new assistant helping me

9. Coffee and cinnamon roll out in the sun with a very good friend of mine!

…on the shelf

While here, I’ve been helping my sister with her website, as she started her own company recently, and as a thank you gift, she ordered this book to me!

It’s one of our favorite Swedish blogger who recently released a book, with tips and ideas for vintage items, DIY’s and recipes. I love it!

…and the website? Check it out here!

Two things

Went through my pics from the past week and yes, I’ve done two things here





And the some of this…



Tons of work and lots of coffee. Will do a proper “my week” on Sunday, as I have of course done a few other things! See you soon! xo!

Stockholm – day 1

Here are a few pics from my first day here in Stockholm

First evening was spent with my sister and her family, nice dinner and chilling.

Thursday morning and the workday started early, luckily my work as a designer is very varied and I started by going through all the pages I ripped out from my magazines before we moved out.

After that, I worked on my sisters website, I’ll give you the link once it’s launched (for swedes – check out her blog!

My new business cards!

Ok, that’s all for now :)

Time to say goodbye..

Once again I am leaving Prague, this time for Stockholm, but then from Stockholm I’ll meet up with Jason in Berlin!


But first, two weeks full of work, a certain persons 7th birthday party, more work, some fabric and vintage shopping, lots of coffee and much more, so stay tuned!