Jewelry news

Just something I’ve been working on tonight… 20121029-201727.jpg20121029-201753.jpgThey will be for sale locally or send me an email if you are interested!


My (short) week!

As I got back Thursday, there really isn’t that much to share, but let’s take a look at the past days…

1. Landing at gate 13 in Prague

2. New tea and nice honey from the farmers market in Stockholm. A cup of tea in the evening on days like these is a must!

3. Back at Globe and getting a nice coffee to go, ready for the day!

4. Street art in Prague through the (scratched) tram window.

5. Envelopes ready to be packed and shipped

6. Colorful papers

7. Crazy weather changes!

8. My new tea cup. I’ve been wanting this one for a while, but for some reason never got it, until it was on sale the other day and this was the last one, so of course I had to have it!

9. I baked bread

10. The first snow came and left the day after…


Ha ha Halloween

I know that Halloween isn’t for a few more days, but last night we went to the Halloween party at Globe, where they also had karaoke.  I met up with a few friends and we had a really good time. As things are a bit….crazy right now, I haven’t had so much time (or energy!) putting together a Halloween outfit, so I decided to do it easy and use something from what I already have.

As a non-american I can’t quite be bothered with the holiday, I’m sure it will be a lot more fun when there’s kids involved. I would like to have small pumpkins around the house though, maybe next year. Here are a few pics from previous years… 

My outfit? A sailor dress from Sonia Rykiel. Sometimes simple is the best.  Do you dress up for Halloween?





When it looks like this outside…20121027-120640.jpg….I’m very happy I have this to look forward to20121027-120717.jpg
Do you have snow yet? I must say I was very surprised, as it started snowing in Stockholm the day after I left and I found that to be a bit early. Oh well, next week it’s supposed to be 12C and sun. Have a good Saturday and stay warm!

My week – Stockholm

I’m on my way back to Prague now, so I decided to do a long my week post and include pics from my whole trip..
20121024-103605.jpg1. Started with hanging with my parents and little sister, whom had bought some nice beers. It was my dad’s b-day the day I got there.

20121024-103737.jpg2. Coffee with one of my oldest friends at my favorite cafe.
20121024-103840.jpg3. Breakfast bread
20121024-103936.jpg4. Dads old train + breakfast

20121024-104142.jpg5. Metro station
20121024-104234.jpg6. My new studio ;)
20121024-104319.jpg7. Working in reds

20121024-104410.jpg8. More work

20121024-104515.jpg9. Work in progress

20121024-104555.jpg10. Finished work

20121024-104652.jpg11. Beautiful autumn evening
20121024-104800.jpg12. …and I’m back up in the air!

Studio inspiration

As I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past 2(!) months, I love doing research for our new place in Berlin. We won’t be moving in to our long term flat for a few months, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of what I want my new studio to look like.. Here are a few favorites from pinterest..


I want it to be colorful, calm, inspiring and most of all – organized! Can’t wait to start decorate, we just need to find our home first… ;)

A little hello!

These past weeks have been a bit of a mad house. As we’re leaving for the states in a few weeks, lots and lots of work needs to be finished and at the same time new orders comes in.. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it leaves very little time for blogging, as most free time is spent with family and friends.. Here are a few pics from the past week…20121021-163216.jpg20121021-163259.jpg20121021-163400.jpgAnd the last one is from a current project, a super cute skirt! I’ll post some pics when they are finished.20121021-163803.jpg

Travelers note

I’m en route to Stockholm again, my two weeks in Prague went so quick! Last weekend I took a break and played softball. Saturday morning it was super hot and nice and Sunday it rained so much the games were cancelled. Instead, we enjoyed a long brunch and then Jason and I went back home to watch a few episodes of Game of thrones, that we recently started to watch. Have you watched it? It’s really not my type of show, but after the first episode I was hooked… I’m still waiting to get some pics from the tournament, so in the meantime you’ll have to enjoy one from the airport…

I have a few new jobs for my trip, but today (except traveling..) I’ll celebrate my dads birthday! Can’t wait to see the family!

Have a nice weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? I’m taking a break from all the sewing and designing and will actually play soft ball the whole weekend! Twice a year, there’s a tournament here that we play in. I’m not a sports girl what so ever, but its usually a nice and fun weekend. Hopefully we’ll get good weather as well.
Here are a few pics from the last one, this spring..

Have a nice weekend and see you Monday!