My week!

So was the last week of September over, and I must say that I don’t mind at all. The fall is here in Prague, but its not too cold, and some days are very sunny. Besides, this is going to be a very interesting and exciting fall, so bring it on..
1. Breakfast at home, J got me a pomegranate to start the day with, very tasty in the yoghurt!

2. Taking a walk in the lovely weather and I passed this beautiful church

3. River view on the way to a meeting

4. Packing up orders

5. Prepared for another work day!

6. Taking a picture of the napkin in order to distract myself whilst waiting for dinner (I was starving!)

7. Another breakfast, youghurt with home made granola.

8. The beautiful window in our entry

9. Some favourites in the bookcase

So.. not the most interesting week I must say, ever since I got back to town, I’ve had tons of work to finish up so my days are pretty busy. However, I have meetings about every other day, and I try to walk to all of them, as the weather has been nice and it feels good being out for a bit. This week will continue with work, but I’ll try and post a few interesting and creative posts as well. Have a good one!


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