Today’s work

Today I’ve mainly worked on two big projects. The first one I’m almost done with, just the buttons missing, are two shirts. They are a custom order and are going to be worn at a wedding in Thailand! One long sleeved for the groom and a short sleeved one for the best man.
Next project, is for the same customer, but the bride! They are having a very casual wedding on a beach, so I’m basically making a newer and more tailored version of her favorite dress. The dress is almost finished, and today I spent some time cutting out these flowers.

Another project I started a few days ago is a green baby blanket. I made one white and pink for my friend who just had a baby girl, so I decided to make another one, but this one is going to be for sale in my etsy-shop.

20121002-152414.jpgWe also just booked our tickets to the us & Mexico, and with a trip to Sweden coming up as well, I’ll need something to do during all those hours in the air..


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