Pesto, patterns and popcorn

Tonight I am staying up late working, I’ve helped an old student of mine to put together her first collection as she is going to take part in a fashion show later this year and today she had a model come over and we tried all the pieces and made tons of notes.. It’s really fun to see her work come together, and more so, to see how much she has advanced since I first started teaching her sewing and pattern making. I snapped a few pictures as we were working, and as soon as its all up online, I’ll share the link.

I’ve done a few of the pieces as well, but the design is of course all hers.

On my way back I combined a few pick ups/drop off’s with a coffee with a friend, which was very nice. We spoke about travelling and knitting.. (oh btw, I just found out that you can bring crochet needles & knitting needles on board as long as they are in plastic or wood – great news!) Back home again I made broccoli pesto, which is one of my favourites, its so easy and tastes so good!

I went with 1 bag of frozen broccoli that I left to defrost for a bit and then steamed them, mixed with parmesan cheese, peanuts (yes!) and olive oil. And a pinch of salt. Make sure you check the consistency a few times as you mix. I ate it with farfalle.

…also got home with a nice little treat! We just started watching Game of Thrones, these will be perfect for the next episode!


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