My week – Stockholm

I’m on my way back to Prague now, so I decided to do a long my week post and include pics from my whole trip..
20121024-103605.jpg1. Started with hanging with my parents and little sister, whom had bought some nice beers. It was my dad’s b-day the day I got there.

20121024-103737.jpg2. Coffee with one of my oldest friends at my favorite cafe.
20121024-103840.jpg3. Breakfast bread
20121024-103936.jpg4. Dads old train + breakfast

20121024-104142.jpg5. Metro station
20121024-104234.jpg6. My new studio ;)
20121024-104319.jpg7. Working in reds

20121024-104410.jpg8. More work

20121024-104515.jpg9. Work in progress

20121024-104555.jpg10. Finished work

20121024-104652.jpg11. Beautiful autumn evening
20121024-104800.jpg12. …and I’m back up in the air!


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