Hello from Mexico!

About a week ago, we finally got on the plane across the Atlantic ocean and a few days after that, we got on another one down to Mexico! Internet isn’t really a high priority around here, but I have few shots from the past few days to share with you… Enjoy! 20121115-131953.jpg20121115-132018.jpg20121115-132052.jpg


Two in one

I followed parts of the election last night (it didn’t get good until about 3-4am this morning..) and was so happy to see Obama once again winning.
This picture of the Obama family is so wonderful!
But this day is something more, my darling and his sister are having a big birthday! We’re keeping the celebrations a bit low today as we’re going to Mexico on Sunday! Can’t wait!

My week!

The Prague days are quickly coming to an end, and even though I’m super excited both for our trip but also for our big move, it is a bit sad… So, a few Prague post will be coming up this week, hope you don’t mind..

1. Waiting for the tram

2. Current projects thread..

3. Working on a new header + logo

4. Take out from one of my favorite restaurants in the hood

5. Work, work work! ….soon you’ll see what it became!

6. Beautiful tiles in my friends hallway

…That will be all for the past week! Monday morning, our last week in Prague and I am finishing up a few projects, having a couple of lessons, re-packing everything and preparing to leave town. Crazy!


As 2012 is quickly coming to an end (ok, it’s only november but the days go by fast!) it’s time to get a new calendar! Even though I’m an apple-lover and keep most things in my iPhone, I also tend to save some notes on the iPad and some on the computer. Plus, as my sister said – if someone calls me and wants to make an appointment, how can I check my calendar at the same time? Needless to say, I need one. Now a little color and some cuteness hasn’t hurt anyone, so here’s what I’m thinking for 2013…20121102-082239.jpg20121102-082303.jpg20121102-082321.jpg20121102-082344.jpg20121102-082411.jpg20121102-082431.jpg20121102-082450.jpg
Do you prefer writing on paper or do you keep everything digital these day?

All pictures via Ebay.com