My week!

The week started on Christmas morning. Stockholm was all white and beautiful, just the perfect Christmas look.
P10000761. Our little Christmas world
IMG_82452. Snowy and white Stockholm
IMG_82773. My potholder I started on my last trip and actually finished this trip. Green and pink.
IMG_82824. Cappuccino and cake pops after a vintage round
IMG_82895. I made dinner for my sister and I one night, a great pasta dish.
IMG_82956. Well, more coffee and more crocheting.
IMG_83007. …and then I was off to Berlin.
IMG_83268. Sunny Berlin! (well, at least a little.)

That was a short resume of my last week. We mostly relaxed and ate a lot while in Sweden, but when Jason left I hung a lot with my sister and the kids. See you soon!


Have a nice weekend!

I am on my way back to Berlin, my week in Stockholm went way too fast (as always) but I had a great stay. Yesterday my sister and I went for a vintage/second hand round, and we both got home with some great finds! My suitcases are full of Christmas presents and some new things plus some Christmas cookies my mom gave me for the trip :) 20121228-173707.jpg
Do you have any plans for the weekend? Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a bit warm and sunny so I’m looking forward to walking around a bit.

See you soon!

A winter day

I got up early this morning as Jason was leaving Stockholm. Coming back from the station, this is how dark it was.. 20121226-224901.jpgIt was at about 7:20..

Today I’ve had a girls day, as my sister and niece invited me over for coffee and cupcakes! Afterwards, we headed out to check out some of the post-Christmas sales and got home with some non-sales items.. Isn’t always like that?

Now we’re just relaxing, my sister and I are doing some knitting/crocheting and will soon have some tea. Very nice and relaxing!
Hope you’re having a nice day/evening!


My week!

IMG_81461. To go coffee from Globe
IMG_81492. Best present ever at the Christmas party
IMG_81843. Left a grey and rainy Prague..
IMG_82034. …only to get to a just as grey and rainy Berlin.
IMG_82075. Studying all that German grammar.
IMG_82166. Best Christmas card came from France to my parents. And ours. <3
IMG_82207. Moleskine Berlin, fashion magazine and coffee for breakfast
IMG_82258. Christmas lights in the tree.

A lot of traveling, three countries and then finally Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
We are having such a wonderful time here, J and I got to Stockholm super late Thursday night. We left a grey and rainy Berlin, and flew into winter wonderland..IMG_8234
We’ve been baking with my sister, walking around, done a little bit of shopping but mostly just relaxing and eating.
IMG_8236Today when we woke up it was snowing again, so in the afternoon we headed out for a little walk. Its 3:30 and its already dark here, it’s crazy how fast it goes. Here are a few shots from our walk..
IMG_8248 Hope you are having a wonderful time! xoxo Stella.

White Winter Wonderland

We landed in a snow covered Stockholm the other night. It’s not so cold, but the snow keeps coming down so I think we’ll have a white Christmas for sure..w2
Tomorrow we’re going to my sisters house for some cookie baking, and in the evening we’ll bring in the Christmas tree and start decorating it. Today we’re out for some Christmas shopping, I still need to find some cute wrapping paper.

Back in Berlin

I got back to Berlin this afternoon. I must admit it was a bit strange leaving Prague, and at the same time it feels like forever since we lived there. Well, I left early September, so its been a while for sure.image-1J isn’t coming until tomorrow, so tonight I’ll catch up on some studying (must admit I’m not used to studying, its been so long…) and do some apartment a nice evening, tomorrow we’re off to Sweden for Christmas, I can’t wait!!

Not a resolution but…

I don’t really believe in new year resolutions, but I like making goals for the year. Recently, I accidently lost all my pictures on my computer, and I think that made me want to do this project for the next year. Also, I got a bit inspired by Elsie over at a beautiful mess so in the year of 2013 I’d like to…

1. Get a big photo album. A nice one, where you glue the photos in. Something like thisOR11649-010 Found here

2. In the beginning of every month, go through all the pictures from the previous month and have them developed. They don’t have to be the best pictures, but little glimpses from our life.

3. Glue them in.

…And in the end of the year, I will have a photo album for 2013! As a matter of fact, I might do one for 2012 and another fun idea is to chose 12 pics from the year and either put them in an album or in a big frame.
Do you have any resolutions?

ps. I’d also like to start exercise more and extend my vocabulary.

My week!

Our first real week in Berlin! Actually, as we got to Berlin Wednesday evening, I’ll just add those days to the week.
Saturday morning started with this…
IMG_80831. Birthday gift to me!

IMG_80892. …and in the evening some champagne.

IMG_80733. When I went to class Monday morning, Berlin was all white…

IMG_80774. Casual dinner requires Berliner beer

IMG_81025. coffee at school

IMG_81096. Breakfast time

IMG_81107. A memory from Mexico

IMG_81118. kitchen floors where we stayed

IMG_81159. Back in Prague and at Globe!

IMG_813410. My favorite blueberry pancakes for brunch

IMG_814311. Cute little Christmas present from a dear friend.

That’s that! The days are passing by so fast, I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! We’re leaving for Sweden on Thursday, I am soo excited!!