Not a resolution but…

I don’t really believe in new year resolutions, but I like making goals for the year. Recently, I accidently lost all my pictures on my computer, and I think that made me want to do this project for the next year. Also, I got a bit inspired by Elsie over at a beautiful mess so in the year of 2013 I’d like to…

1. Get a big photo album. A nice one, where you glue the photos in. Something like thisOR11649-010 Found here

2. In the beginning of every month, go through all the pictures from the previous month and have them developed. They don’t have to be the best pictures, but little glimpses from our life.

3. Glue them in.

…And in the end of the year, I will have a photo album for 2013! As a matter of fact, I might do one for 2012 and another fun idea is to chose 12 pics from the year and either put them in an album or in a big frame.
Do you have any resolutions?

ps. I’d also like to start exercise more and extend my vocabulary.


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