Even though I started this blog in the middle of 2012, here’s a short resume of the year…

IMG_4725The year started in Stockholm and champagne. I was with my sister and her family and some friends, we had a really nice dinner and in the meantime J was flying across the big ocean back to Europe.

I had cute pictures like this one on my calendar…
photo 2

IMG_4205My older sister + dad came to visit!

IMG_5557Prague gave us some great days, so white legs out and sun + tea on our favorite patio in Prague.

IMG_5799May came and the biannual softball tournament with it. I think we came first ;)IMG_5686 Basil and summer plants.

IMG_7363Some dear friends of ours came to visit and we’re off for a weekend in Berlin. During the trips last hours, we more or less decide that we want to move here! <3IMG_5586Lazy days in the summer, watching the trees..
And sometimes at night this is how pretty the sky was..photodfgBut best of all was when my mom came to visit! image-2

zip I made a great find at a flea market!IMG_5649A granny square blanket I finally finished. Keeping it for the future, only cause it took me about one million hours to make.

IMG_5659 Spent a lot of time on Globes patio…IMG_5687…and went for a design market in a botanical garden!

IMG_5790 When September came, we left our lovely flat and I moved back to Sweden for a while..
IMG_7282..where I spent most my time working. IMG_7358I also cleaned up on my parents attic and found some cute doll house stuff. Not mine though.

IMG_7398 Went for a dinner with old friends in the beautiful suburbs.IMG_7362…and worked some more. IMG_7404A finished project!

IMG_7703Best month of the year! Spent a great week in Mexico with my birthday-man…IMG_7964and then a few weeks in Americas best city, Chicago! <3 <3

We moved to Berlin!
IMG_8090…and went home for Christmas.
P1000076 Intense, wonderful and full of love.

With our recent move, I know that this year will be very interesting. 2013 I am planning on being full of fun and creative projects (can’t wait to start decorate our home!) DIY’s, food and baking-blogging and tons of other goodies! I really hope you will join me!


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