Mushroom appetizer

Last night we had late dinner plans, so instead of starving to death, Jason made us some really nice mushroom appetizers. We served them on an English muffin, but in the past we’ve done them on polenta fritters and that’s a lot better. With bread, they tend to get a bit heavy.

You’ll need:
Mushrooms, I’d say 2 at least per person
salt, pepper, thyme and/or rosemary.
butter (the more the better)


Polenta fritters/crackers/thinly sliced bread

Here’s how to make them:
Cut a mushroom in half (depending on the size) and then slice them. Add a large piece of butter in a big pan, let melt and then add the mushrooms, salt, pepper and rosemary/thyme plus sliced garlic. Fry until lightly brown. Toast the bread or prepare the polenta fritters (recipe will come another time), and then put a pile of mushrooms on top. Add grated parmesan cheese. Eat and enjoy!

We had dinner at a turkish restaurant after and then met up with some friends to our friend at a really nice and cool bar, just a few blocks away from us. Something that was really nice when it was time to go home…


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