My week!

As usual, here are a few snaps from the previous week..
image-271. After school coffee + work at my new favorite place

hilphoto2. My much neglected facebook page hit a small milestone. Maybe 2013’s goal should be 1000?

image-263. Another coffee, what a surprise! Me and some girls from the class went for lunch. It was so nice to just hang out and have a good chat.

image-284. I took this picture for my sister as they were cutting the trees, but somehow I missed it..

image-295. Roses on the wall and green floors, Berlin sure has it all.

image-306. Friday afternoon and this little guy kept me company at a café. Oh how sweet most of you would say I’m sure, but not me, not a fan of dogs.

12image7. Berlin has a great bio-chain, picked up bread from their bakery and had for breakfast.

pho1to8. My washi tape works great as a holder for my pens.

IMG_97859. I love all the colorful street art in Berlin! Its been so grey lately, and buildings like this one sure cheer you up.

IMG_978610. Coffee after some vintage shopping + cold weather walking.

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2 thoughts on “My week!

  1. Så himla fint pennställ! Jag har bara hittat rosa-röd washi, (ja jag har ju inte letat ihjäl mig precis) men grön längtar jag efter!

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