Winter favorites

Whether we like it or not, winter will still be around for a few more months. It has been a very mild one so far, but still short days, long dark afternoons and chilly winds. Needless to say, I think most of us spend more time at home then we do the rest of the year.
To get through the long winter, there are a few things to do to make it a lot less unpleasant.
1. Candles – the more the better. I got a huge craving for cinnamon scented ones in November when J’s sister came home with cinnamon smelling pine cones to have in the house. I was seriously considering putting one in my suitcase.. I still haven’t found the perfect cinnamon candle, and now when Christmas is over, I think I’ll stick with non-scented ones. For Christmas, we got these candle holders, that I love.. cand
2. Hot beverage! Daytime I prefer a nice frothy cappuccino, but in the evening I love a nice cup of tea! Right now this tea and this honey are my favorites..tea
3. Blankets! Regardless of the season, I love cuddling up under a nice blanket. I just got a new one over the holidays, but I also have a lovely red one packed up.. Can’t wait to get it!

4. Accept it. The winter is a long, cold and dark season. Buy lots of wool, dress warm and think that it wont last forever. Or buy a one way ticket to Mexico ;)

What are your favorites for this season? Or do you not have a cold winter?


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