My week!

As the tradition calls for, here are a few snaps from the past week. Its been pretty grey and really cold, but towards the end the sun came out and that changed a lot. I love the sun and I can’t wait for te
IMG_97921. This is winter in Berlin at the moment. Grey and cold. Not complaining, just saying.

IMG_97962. But this little guy sure makes you smile!

IMG_98073. We bought this little fella and J cooked him. Tasted really good.

IMG_98004. Chocolate helps as well when the sun is seems to be forever gone.

ok5. Its been a rough week, ok?

IMG_98366. And then we decided to try a new place on our street!

blue7. Friday it was sunny! Oh my, it was so nice to see blue skies again..

etsy8. The weather + this and that = I really want to push my little neglected Etsy-shop.

IMG_98469. I left town and the only people up was the party animals and me. I kid you not.

globe10. …and most of the weekend I spent here. I was planning on venture out to hit some of my favorite places, but the -10 weather fore cast kinda made me stay where I was. Not that I’m complaining, I love the place. ♥

Source for pic 5


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