Have a nice weekend!

This weekend I’ll be selling some of my latest work at an expat market, I hope it will be crowded and a lot of fun! Yesterday I got a lot of work done and in the evening J and I went out for dinner. I started production of my spring/summer collection, and I love it… So, of course I can’t stop..
I took a little break though and made this, will decorate my booth with it I think!
What are your plans for the weekend, do you have anything fun going on?

Have a good one!


Friday work

I’ve had a busy week preparing for the market this weekend, so I thought I should share a few things I’ve been working on…
Today I’m finishing up and fixing the last things and then tomorrow hopefully I will sell everything ;)
I’m also starting to prepare for a few pieces from my next collection, as the shoot is in a mere 2 weeks! Luckily the models where planned this week, so that’s a huge relive.

ok, back to work! xo

My week!

Swoosch and the week is over.. For this “my week”-post, I thought I’d try something new with the pictures.. week21. Breakfast trio 2. Mustafas gemüse kebap 3. A new pair ready to be sold! 4. Sick in bed, J made me lunch

week1 Weekend! 1. New fabrics 2. Banana pancakes for brunch 3. Burrito with cous cous.

You like the new format? I do. At least for now.

Have a nice weekend!

I’m really hope that I feel better tomorrow, as I plan on going to a fabric market and on Sunday there’s a flea market I want to check out. These things only happen once a week, so I better make some more tea…
What are your plans for this weekend? Next weekend, I’ll be selling at a market, so I have a bunch of stuff I want to have ready by then!

Here’s a cute and super sad little movie I stumbled across today,

Belly from Julia Pott on Vimeo.

Have a good one!

One of those days

Yesterday right as I came home from school I felt two things, first – a sore throat and second – an immediate desire to go to bed. So I did. And that was that Valentines day.
J came home with lovely (organic!) tulips and I crashed. I did get around to make him a little card by taking two of my favorite things, washi tape and colored pencils.
Needless to say, I’ve spent most of today in bed. Browsing, watching cute video-clips and pinning. The only good thing about being a little sick is that you get to spend tons of time relaxing in bed, so I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration for future blog-posts and diy’s.

oh, and here are the pretty flowers I got! tulip
Did you have a nice Valentines day?

Valentines day inspiration

Valentines day is coming up, so I wanted to share a few DIY-ideas.

1. Strawberry and white chocolate sandwiches 2. Raspberry filled cookies

3. Valentine garlands 4. Heart decorations

Tomorrow I’ll show you what I am making for my valentine this year…

sources: 1 2 3 4

Sketching up a storm

At the moment I am working on two collections parallel with each other. The last year, my line has been more or less on ice, as I got so many other orders and jobs. I wasn’t too happy about it, and when we moved to Berlin, I decided I’d cut out a few things from my work-life, and focus more on what I really want to do. My line is the biggest thing, so I decided to do a small spring/summer line, that will be shot in about a month and for sale shortly after. I’m also working on a bigger collection for the autumn/winter.IMG_0001This weekend, I spent some time working on a couple of prints I want to use for both collections, and I can’t wait to start using them!
IMG_9995 This one I think is gonna be really cute on a shirt and I’m also thinking totes… Now’s the big question – what do YOU think? :)

My week!

It seems like I write these posts a lot, I guess time goes by really quickly, we’re almost in the middle of February! Crazy! Anyways, back to the week that just was…
b51. Sunny morning on my way to school

b42. Finally there are flowers at the market! I wanted to buy all of them…

b23. Crocheting big granny squares to be used as pot holders.

b34. I have a slight obsession with washi tape..

b15. Out for a Saturday walk. First it was snowing like crazy, then we went for lunch and this is what we got out to.

IMG_99876. Ran into heaven after dinner the other night

b67. And this is what Sunday’s been all about. Working. But I love it, I have so many ideas and plans!

This week I’ll be planning a photo shoot, work on my next collection, do some writing and oh yes, studying German… Bis bald, like the Germans say!

Have a nice weekend!

Oh, it’s Saturday already! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? We went out for Mexican last night and today I’m planning on getting some work done and in the evening I have a writing-job-dinner-work-thing. Tomorrow if the weather isn’t all too bad, we’re planning on going to a flea market that’s outside.. I’m on the hunt for some fabrics, as I will be shooting my new spring/summer collection in a few weeks. Time goes so fast.. This was the view when I left the building yesterday morning, so pretty!
fridayHave a nice one!