My week!

It seems like I write these posts a lot, I guess time goes by really quickly, we’re almost in the middle of February! Crazy! Anyways, back to the week that just was…
b51. Sunny morning on my way to school

b42. Finally there are flowers at the market! I wanted to buy all of them…

b23. Crocheting big granny squares to be used as pot holders.

b34. I have a slight obsession with washi tape..

b15. Out for a Saturday walk. First it was snowing like crazy, then we went for lunch and this is what we got out to.

IMG_99876. Ran into heaven after dinner the other night

b67. And this is what Sunday’s been all about. Working. But I love it, I have so many ideas and plans!

This week I’ll be planning a photo shoot, work on my next collection, do some writing and oh yes, studying German… Bis bald, like the Germans say!


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