Friday work

I’ve had a busy week preparing for the market this weekend, so I thought I should share a few things I’ve been working on…
Today I’m finishing up and fixing the last things and then tomorrow hopefully I will sell everything ;)
I’m also starting to prepare for a few pieces from my next collection, as the shoot is in a mere 2 weeks! Luckily the models where planned this week, so that’s a huge relive.

ok, back to work! xo


Washi tape – DIY

This is possible the easiest DIY ever, but I wasn’t really doing anything creative for our first month here in Berlin, so I was quite excited :)
You’ll need:
Washi tape
a computer

Cut out ca 1″ long pieces of the washi tape, cut them again in half and then make them pointy.. Mix and match and there you go! banner

I’ve moved them around a few times, and they are starting to peel off a little on some corners, so it wont last for forever, but sure it makes it look cute.

A great place for washi tape, or check etsy.

My week!

I’m glad last week is over and that February is here. But first, a few snaps from the past week.
IMG_99091. Well, someone was alone…

IMG_99112. Early morning coffee…

IMG_99223. …and lots of pasta

IMG_99144. Everything needed to be packed

berlin5. Sunny and warm morning walk

IMG_99136. And then there was a new bedroom

pillow17. Finally got some work done!

This week the next level of my German course starts, and I’m also looking forward to get some work done, it was so nice to spend some time by my machines this weekend!

Hope you had a good one and cheers to the next!

Have a nice weekend, TGIF and all that jazz.

Finally weekend and finally February! I spent yesterday writing/listening/speaking German and the afternoon I spent packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking. When the evening came, I was supposed to meet up with my class for a celebratory beer. At 9pm I was dead tired and about an hour later I was asleep. OH my! That was nice.
This morning, after a long breakfast I finally got to work. I started cutting some fabric for a cushion-project I started working on as well as do a few more necklaces for my collection that is going to be sold on both Etsy and this event. It will be my first event/market here in Berlin, so I am very excited! I’ll have a mix of new and old things. IMG_9930
I just got back from a fabric market, that’s held every Saturday just around the corner, where I picked up this:
They had quite a big collection of fabric and notions, but I’ll start with this today. Ok, back to work,
hope you are having a great weekend!


Finally Friday and finally the weekend is here! I had an interesting meeting this afternoon that I hopefully will be able to tell you more about soon…
Today when I got out from my German lesson, the sun was shining! Oh my, it was so nice! winterberlin

What are you doing this weekend? I am heading over to a friends house tonight for dinner, and tomorrow bright and early I am going to Prague! I’m only staying one night, so it will be a short and sweet trip. I’m planning on hitting a few of my favorite places, pack some of my art/crafting/sewing stuff + a few books, see a friend or two and then head back.

have a lovely weekend and talk soon!


Even though I started this blog in the middle of 2012, here’s a short resume of the year…

IMG_4725The year started in Stockholm and champagne. I was with my sister and her family and some friends, we had a really nice dinner and in the meantime J was flying across the big ocean back to Europe.

I had cute pictures like this one on my calendar…
photo 2

IMG_4205My older sister + dad came to visit!

IMG_5557Prague gave us some great days, so white legs out and sun + tea on our favorite patio in Prague.

IMG_5799May came and the biannual softball tournament with it. I think we came first ;)IMG_5686 Basil and summer plants.

IMG_7363Some dear friends of ours came to visit and we’re off for a weekend in Berlin. During the trips last hours, we more or less decide that we want to move here! <3IMG_5586Lazy days in the summer, watching the trees..
And sometimes at night this is how pretty the sky was..photodfgBut best of all was when my mom came to visit! image-2

zip I made a great find at a flea market!IMG_5649A granny square blanket I finally finished. Keeping it for the future, only cause it took me about one million hours to make.

IMG_5659 Spent a lot of time on Globes patio…IMG_5687…and went for a design market in a botanical garden!

IMG_5790 When September came, we left our lovely flat and I moved back to Sweden for a while..
IMG_7282..where I spent most my time working. IMG_7358I also cleaned up on my parents attic and found some cute doll house stuff. Not mine though.

IMG_7398 Went for a dinner with old friends in the beautiful suburbs.IMG_7362…and worked some more. IMG_7404A finished project!

IMG_7703Best month of the year! Spent a great week in Mexico with my birthday-man…IMG_7964and then a few weeks in Americas best city, Chicago! <3 <3

We moved to Berlin!
IMG_8090…and went home for Christmas.
P1000076 Intense, wonderful and full of love.

With our recent move, I know that this year will be very interesting. 2013 I am planning on being full of fun and creative projects (can’t wait to start decorate our home!) DIY’s, food and baking-blogging and tons of other goodies! I really hope you will join me!

Heads up…

I wasn’t so happy with my previous blog design and I haven’t figured out exactly how I want it to look, so over the next few weeks I’ll be working on it. At the moment, I think this one is a bit cute. So please, bear with me while I figure it all out… thanks!

Studio inspiration

As I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past 2(!) months, I love doing research for our new place in Berlin. We won’t be moving in to our long term flat for a few months, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of what I want my new studio to look like.. Here are a few favorites from pinterest..


I want it to be colorful, calm, inspiring and most of all – organized! Can’t wait to start decorate, we just need to find our home first… ;)

A little hello!

These past weeks have been a bit of a mad house. As we’re leaving for the states in a few weeks, lots and lots of work needs to be finished and at the same time new orders comes in.. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it leaves very little time for blogging, as most free time is spent with family and friends.. Here are a few pics from the past week…20121021-163216.jpg20121021-163259.jpg20121021-163400.jpgAnd the last one is from a current project, a super cute skirt! I’ll post some pics when they are finished.20121021-163803.jpg