German test & moving tomorrow – I’ll be back with a cute DIY for you within the next few days. Until then – enjoy this:
Feels like spring is in the air..

Talk soon!


36-hour trip

Saturday morning I left for Prague. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky, but as soon as we crossed the boarder, the skies were grey and the temperature dropped. It was short, sweet and very intense. I got to hang out a little by myself, with some friends and go through a ton of my stuff, it was a little walk down memory lane.
Here are a few snaps from my weekend..
coldTold you it was cold…

coffee perfect cappuccino at my favorite place!

mexico Found a few memories from our Mexico trip

pan Sunday + brunch = blue berry pancakes! They are a must!

light Packing some of the most important things had to come with me..

It was a nice trip, but it was also really good to come back to Berlin. It was a bit strange to be there and to be there alone. It was fun to go through all my things, and I brought a lot from my studio, so I am really looking forward to get to work soon, its been way too long!

Mushroom appetizer

Last night we had late dinner plans, so instead of starving to death, Jason made us some really nice mushroom appetizers. We served them on an English muffin, but in the past we’ve done them on polenta fritters and that’s a lot better. With bread, they tend to get a bit heavy.

You’ll need:
Mushrooms, I’d say 2 at least per person
salt, pepper, thyme and/or rosemary.
butter (the more the better)


Polenta fritters/crackers/thinly sliced bread

Here’s how to make them:
Cut a mushroom in half (depending on the size) and then slice them. Add a large piece of butter in a big pan, let melt and then add the mushrooms, salt, pepper and rosemary/thyme plus sliced garlic. Fry until lightly brown. Toast the bread or prepare the polenta fritters (recipe will come another time), and then put a pile of mushrooms on top. Add grated parmesan cheese. Eat and enjoy!

We had dinner at a turkish restaurant after and then met up with some friends to our friend at a really nice and cool bar, just a few blocks away from us. Something that was really nice when it was time to go home…

My week!

As a Monday tradition, I am sharing a few snaps from my past week.
IMG_83911. A blurry picture of someone’s still very decorated balcony.

IMG_84062. What this time of the year calls for..

IMG_84103. I love that this town is full of organic and natural products!

IMG_84154. I have a washi tape addiction.

IMG_84335. Getting ready for Friday night

IMG_84376. Great quote

heaven7. BLUE skies!!

IMG_84468. Lunch at my new favorite café.

This week it feels like the German classes stepped up a notch, and it’s becoming really hard. Midweek, it finally stopped raining and the winter is back and we got some snow. You can feel that the days are getting longer, which is really nice. As for this week, we’re hoping to see a few places and make some near future plans. Hope you’ll have a good one!

Once a month…. January.

So for January, I’ve decided on the following…

1. Album – Anna von Hausswolff
2. Dish – this one…BURGARE A black bean burger! Click for recipe.

3. Book – photo-8Christmas present from mom!

4. DIY… this will be the harder one, but I’m hoping to find a piece of furniture to re-do. Like a chest of drawers or a chair. I have soo many ideas, I can’t wait to start!

What about you?

Let there be cake!

I stumbled across this blog the other day and I read about one tradition in the family, and oh my, is it a great one or what?
Each sunday, they bake a new cake! I love baking, and I love cake – so what could be better? Here’s one I’d like to start with…cake1
Don’t you think this is a fun thing? Sundays a LOT of places/stuff is closed here, so we could use a little Sunday tradition…

recipe and picture from here

once a month…

Instead of new years resolutions this year, I’ve decided on a little “once a month” thing.
I want to…
1. find, listen and like a new music album. I used to be a music geek in my late teens/early 20’s. Now, I barely get anything new.
2. Find, cook and enjoy a new dish! I tend to stick to the (few) dishes I know, and I’d love to try out new recipes and hopefully get a bit better in the kitchen. J does most and for sure the best cooking around the house..
3. Read 1 new book. Ok, one book per month is NOTHING, but hey, I want it to be fun. Last book of the year I hope is in German, that would be cool!
4. One bigger DIY. Given that this is a creative blog, there should be tons of DIY’s here, but I think a bigger is not something you do all the time. We’ll see about this one. Of course there can be several of each every month, but this is the goal! I’ll be sharing them all with you, of course!

If you’d like to join my Once a month challenge – please write as I’d love to hear!

Market time

Every Tuesday and Friday there’s a market right around the corner from where we live. They sell tons of veggies and fruits, so today we went to stock up a little..photo
We got fresh bread, kiwis, mangos, tomatoes and some other stuff..
We also got fresh homemade gnocchi that I had for dinner, it was so good!
image-15Once we have a bit more storage space, and a more long term place, I can’t wait to go a bit crazy and then make lemonades and jams, pies and other baked goods. Also, walking around in the spring/summer time must be so much nicer then now, its been grey and rainy for over a week now…

Holiday treats

This year is the first time J and I are celebrating Christmas together, and we’re off to Sweden next week. Needless to say, I’m beyond excited! As I am have a big sweet tooth, and love baking, I’m planning on making a few new treats this Christmas and I’ve been collection recipes on pinterest for a while.. Here are a few things I’d love to make..
1. Christmas wreath cupcakes 2. Cream filled ginger snaps dipped in white chocolate
3. Peppermint bark cookies 4. Christmas cake pops.

All pics and recipes can be found here!

Lazy, lovely weekend.

We’ve just enjoyed a long brunch and some scrabble playing, and now I’m soon off for some Christmas shopping!image
The weather is a lot milder then it was in Berlin, something I’m really happy about as its been sooo cold lately. Our last day in the states, I was in a t-shirt, and then we flew right into snow and winter. photo Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!