Have a nice weekend!

I’m really hope that I feel better tomorrow, as I plan on going to a fabric market and on Sunday there’s a flea market I want to check out. These things only happen once a week, so I better make some more tea…
What are your plans for this weekend? Next weekend, I’ll be selling at a market, so I have a bunch of stuff I want to have ready by then!

Here’s a cute and super sad little movie I stumbled across today,

Belly from Julia Pott on Vimeo.

Have a good one!


One of those days

Yesterday right as I came home from school I felt two things, first – a sore throat and second – an immediate desire to go to bed. So I did. And that was that Valentines day.
J came home with lovely (organic!) tulips and I crashed. I did get around to make him a little card by taking two of my favorite things, washi tape and colored pencils.
Needless to say, I’ve spent most of today in bed. Browsing, watching cute video-clips and pinning. The only good thing about being a little sick is that you get to spend tons of time relaxing in bed, so I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration for future blog-posts and diy’s.

oh, and here are the pretty flowers I got! tulip
Did you have a nice Valentines day?

Winter favorites

Whether we like it or not, winter will still be around for a few more months. It has been a very mild one so far, but still short days, long dark afternoons and chilly winds. Needless to say, I think most of us spend more time at home then we do the rest of the year.
To get through the long winter, there are a few things to do to make it a lot less unpleasant.
1. Candles – the more the better. I got a huge craving for cinnamon scented ones in November when J’s sister came home with cinnamon smelling pine cones to have in the house. I was seriously considering putting one in my suitcase.. I still haven’t found the perfect cinnamon candle, and now when Christmas is over, I think I’ll stick with non-scented ones. For Christmas, we got these candle holders, that I love.. cand
2. Hot beverage! Daytime I prefer a nice frothy cappuccino, but in the evening I love a nice cup of tea! Right now this tea and this honey are my favorites..tea
3. Blankets! Regardless of the season, I love cuddling up under a nice blanket. I just got a new one over the holidays, but I also have a lovely red one packed up.. Can’t wait to get it!

4. Accept it. The winter is a long, cold and dark season. Buy lots of wool, dress warm and think that it wont last forever. Or buy a one way ticket to Mexico ;)

What are your favorites for this season? Or do you not have a cold winter?

Black and white

I love cushions on a couch, and for our living room, I am planning on having a bunch. I love black and white graphic designs, so a collection like these would be a nice start..


However, I am planning on sewing them myself, with both new and old fabrics, so it will be a growing collection. I also have a dream of finding a chair like this and if it doesn’t come striped, change the fabric.chair


Vintage shopping and a little trick

Sunday is not only closed-day here, it’s also flea market day. Luckily during this season, some of them are held indoors. We went by one that didn’t have much (but we got some fresh air walking there) so we decided to go for a coffee instead. One of the caf├ęs in our hood, also has a small vintage section that today had expanded the vintage part to the whole space. I didn’t really see anything I liked, so we were just about to leave when I saw that there was a small little room that I had missed. “Just gonna take a quick look” I told J, and right before my eyes, a lovely cashmere/silk sweater was hanging. A few minutes later it was mine!
As with most natural materials, cashmere included, after some wear can get small “knots” = it’s pilling. They make the garment look pretty ratty, but it’s easily taken care of. Just use a sharp razor blade (or your own works fine, just make sure the blade is new!) and carefully shave them off. The razor has to run smoothly over them.
Silk and cashmere are expensive, so look out for them when you’re hunting, as you can find some great deals.

Hooks and hangers

My sister gave me these two cute hooks for my future studio and even though we’re just in this place temporarily, I decided to put one of them up. I also got some hangers during my Christmas trip, they’ll add some color but not take up too much space.
IMG_8452 Now I can’t wait to put up my latest creations rather then parts of my closet on them!

The black sweater is from the vintage shop Very best vintage in Chicago – if you’re in the hood – go there!

once a month…

Instead of new years resolutions this year, I’ve decided on a little “once a month” thing.
I want to…
1. find, listen and like a new music album. I used to be a music geek in my late teens/early 20’s. Now, I barely get anything new.
2. Find, cook and enjoy a new dish! I tend to stick to the (few) dishes I know, and I’d love to try out new recipes and hopefully get a bit better in the kitchen. J does most and for sure the best cooking around the house..
3. Read 1 new book. Ok, one book per month is NOTHING, but hey, I want it to be fun. Last book of the year I hope is in German, that would be cool!
4. One bigger DIY. Given that this is a creative blog, there should be tons of DIY’s here, but I think a bigger is not something you do all the time. We’ll see about this one. Of course there can be several of each every month, but this is the goal! I’ll be sharing them all with you, of course!

If you’d like to join my Once a month challenge – please write as I’d love to hear!


Even though I started this blog in the middle of 2012, here’s a short resume of the year…

IMG_4725The year started in Stockholm and champagne. I was with my sister and her family and some friends, we had a really nice dinner and in the meantime J was flying across the big ocean back to Europe.

I had cute pictures like this one on my calendar…
photo 2

IMG_4205My older sister + dad came to visit!

IMG_5557Prague gave us some great days, so white legs out and sun + tea on our favorite patio in Prague.

IMG_5799May came and the biannual softball tournament with it. I think we came first ;)IMG_5686 Basil and summer plants.

IMG_7363Some dear friends of ours came to visit and we’re off for a weekend in Berlin. During the trips last hours, we more or less decide that we want to move here! <3IMG_5586Lazy days in the summer, watching the trees..
And sometimes at night this is how pretty the sky was..photodfgBut best of all was when my mom came to visit! image-2

zip I made a great find at a flea market!IMG_5649A granny square blanket I finally finished. Keeping it for the future, only cause it took me about one million hours to make.

IMG_5659 Spent a lot of time on Globes patio…IMG_5687…and went for a design market in a botanical garden!

IMG_5790 When September came, we left our lovely flat and I moved back to Sweden for a while..
IMG_7282..where I spent most my time working. IMG_7358I also cleaned up on my parents attic and found some cute doll house stuff. Not mine though.

IMG_7398 Went for a dinner with old friends in the beautiful suburbs.IMG_7362…and worked some more. IMG_7404A finished project!

IMG_7703Best month of the year! Spent a great week in Mexico with my birthday-man…IMG_7964and then a few weeks in Americas best city, Chicago! <3 <3

We moved to Berlin!
IMG_8090…and went home for Christmas.
P1000076 Intense, wonderful and full of love.

With our recent move, I know that this year will be very interesting. 2013 I am planning on being full of fun and creative projects (can’t wait to start decorate our home!) DIY’s, food and baking-blogging and tons of other goodies! I really hope you will join me!