My week!

Swoosch and the week is over.. For this “my week”-post, I thought I’d try something new with the pictures.. week21. Breakfast trio 2. Mustafas gemüse kebap 3. A new pair ready to be sold! 4. Sick in bed, J made me lunch

week1 Weekend! 1. New fabrics 2. Banana pancakes for brunch 3. Burrito with cous cous.

You like the new format? I do. At least for now.


My week!

It seems like I write these posts a lot, I guess time goes by really quickly, we’re almost in the middle of February! Crazy! Anyways, back to the week that just was…
b51. Sunny morning on my way to school

b42. Finally there are flowers at the market! I wanted to buy all of them…

b23. Crocheting big granny squares to be used as pot holders.

b34. I have a slight obsession with washi tape..

b15. Out for a Saturday walk. First it was snowing like crazy, then we went for lunch and this is what we got out to.

IMG_99876. Ran into heaven after dinner the other night

b67. And this is what Sunday’s been all about. Working. But I love it, I have so many ideas and plans!

This week I’ll be planning a photo shoot, work on my next collection, do some writing and oh yes, studying German… Bis bald, like the Germans say!

My week!

I’m glad last week is over and that February is here. But first, a few snaps from the past week.
IMG_99091. Well, someone was alone…

IMG_99112. Early morning coffee…

IMG_99223. …and lots of pasta

IMG_99144. Everything needed to be packed

berlin5. Sunny and warm morning walk

IMG_99136. And then there was a new bedroom

pillow17. Finally got some work done!

This week the next level of my German course starts, and I’m also looking forward to get some work done, it was so nice to spend some time by my machines this weekend!

Hope you had a good one and cheers to the next!

My week!

As the tradition calls for, here are a few snaps from the past week. Its been pretty grey and really cold, but towards the end the sun came out and that changed a lot. I love the sun and I can’t wait for te
IMG_97921. This is winter in Berlin at the moment. Grey and cold. Not complaining, just saying.

IMG_97962. But this little guy sure makes you smile!

IMG_98073. We bought this little fella and J cooked him. Tasted really good.

IMG_98004. Chocolate helps as well when the sun is seems to be forever gone.

ok5. Its been a rough week, ok?

IMG_98366. And then we decided to try a new place on our street!

blue7. Friday it was sunny! Oh my, it was so nice to see blue skies again..

etsy8. The weather + this and that = I really want to push my little neglected Etsy-shop.

IMG_98469. I left town and the only people up was the party animals and me. I kid you not.

globe10. …and most of the weekend I spent here. I was planning on venture out to hit some of my favorite places, but the -10 weather fore cast kinda made me stay where I was. Not that I’m complaining, I love the place. ♥

Source for pic 5

My week!

As usual, here are a few snaps from the previous week..
image-271. After school coffee + work at my new favorite place

hilphoto2. My much neglected facebook page hit a small milestone. Maybe 2013’s goal should be 1000?

image-263. Another coffee, what a surprise! Me and some girls from the class went for lunch. It was so nice to just hang out and have a good chat.

image-284. I took this picture for my sister as they were cutting the trees, but somehow I missed it..

image-295. Roses on the wall and green floors, Berlin sure has it all.

image-306. Friday afternoon and this little guy kept me company at a café. Oh how sweet most of you would say I’m sure, but not me, not a fan of dogs.

12image7. Berlin has a great bio-chain, picked up bread from their bakery and had for breakfast.

pho1to8. My washi tape works great as a holder for my pens.

IMG_97859. I love all the colorful street art in Berlin! Its been so grey lately, and buildings like this one sure cheer you up.

IMG_978610. Coffee after some vintage shopping + cold weather walking.

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My week!

As a Monday tradition, I am sharing a few snaps from my past week.
IMG_83911. A blurry picture of someone’s still very decorated balcony.

IMG_84062. What this time of the year calls for..

IMG_84103. I love that this town is full of organic and natural products!

IMG_84154. I have a washi tape addiction.

IMG_84335. Getting ready for Friday night

IMG_84376. Great quote

heaven7. BLUE skies!!

IMG_84468. Lunch at my new favorite café.

This week it feels like the German classes stepped up a notch, and it’s becoming really hard. Midweek, it finally stopped raining and the winter is back and we got some snow. You can feel that the days are getting longer, which is really nice. As for this week, we’re hoping to see a few places and make some near future plans. Hope you’ll have a good one!

My week!

The past week started last year (haha) and has included a LOT of walking, checking out flats and starting school again. IMG_83141. Street art in Berlin

IMG_83272. The sun was out!

image-113. Love fritz-limo!

image-134. Sad but colorful cord

image-125. Morning coffee + planning of 2013

image-96. New home – new floors.

The week was intense and full of stress (hence no time/inspiration for pics)and I’m glad its over. This week I’m looking forward to start concentrating on work and being creative again! I wanna bake, sew and paint!

My week!

The week started on Christmas morning. Stockholm was all white and beautiful, just the perfect Christmas look.
P10000761. Our little Christmas world
IMG_82452. Snowy and white Stockholm
IMG_82773. My potholder I started on my last trip and actually finished this trip. Green and pink.
IMG_82824. Cappuccino and cake pops after a vintage round
IMG_82895. I made dinner for my sister and I one night, a great pasta dish.
IMG_82956. Well, more coffee and more crocheting.
IMG_83007. …and then I was off to Berlin.
IMG_83268. Sunny Berlin! (well, at least a little.)

That was a short resume of my last week. We mostly relaxed and ate a lot while in Sweden, but when Jason left I hung a lot with my sister and the kids. See you soon!

My week!

IMG_81461. To go coffee from Globe
IMG_81492. Best present ever at the Christmas party
IMG_81843. Left a grey and rainy Prague..
IMG_82034. …only to get to a just as grey and rainy Berlin.
IMG_82075. Studying all that German grammar.
IMG_82166. Best Christmas card came from France to my parents. And ours. <3
IMG_82207. Moleskine Berlin, fashion magazine and coffee for breakfast
IMG_82258. Christmas lights in the tree.

A lot of traveling, three countries and then finally Christmas!

My week!

Our first real week in Berlin! Actually, as we got to Berlin Wednesday evening, I’ll just add those days to the week.
Saturday morning started with this…
IMG_80831. Birthday gift to me!

IMG_80892. …and in the evening some champagne.

IMG_80733. When I went to class Monday morning, Berlin was all white…

IMG_80774. Casual dinner requires Berliner beer

IMG_81025. coffee at school

IMG_81096. Breakfast time

IMG_81107. A memory from Mexico

IMG_81118. kitchen floors where we stayed

IMG_81159. Back in Prague and at Globe!

IMG_813410. My favorite blueberry pancakes for brunch

IMG_814311. Cute little Christmas present from a dear friend.

That’s that! The days are passing by so fast, I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! We’re leaving for Sweden on Thursday, I am soo excited!!