January pt 2.

So, the month is over and let’s see..
Well. January was a rough rough month. So. I didn’t read the book I had planned for the month, but instead I read my German text books, and that’s A LOT. I didn’t even start to listen to the album I had planned, but instead I listened a lot to the mamas and the papas.
As for cooking, I made a few new things and also figured out the best trick for pizza crust. Will write a post about it next time we make it. DIY. You saw this, no? And I actually made it in January.

So, to summarize this month, I can say that I did crappy. However, this was something for me and not something I’ll get graded on, but I hope to do better for February.


once a month…

Instead of new years resolutions this year, I’ve decided on a little “once a month” thing.
I want to…
1. find, listen and like a new music album. I used to be a music geek in my late teens/early 20’s. Now, I barely get anything new.
2. Find, cook and enjoy a new dish! I tend to stick to the (few) dishes I know, and I’d love to try out new recipes and hopefully get a bit better in the kitchen. J does most and for sure the best cooking around the house..
3. Read 1 new book. Ok, one book per month is NOTHING, but hey, I want it to be fun. Last book of the year I hope is in German, that would be cool!
4. One bigger DIY. Given that this is a creative blog, there should be tons of DIY’s here, but I think a bigger is not something you do all the time. We’ll see about this one. Of course there can be several of each every month, but this is the goal! I’ll be sharing them all with you, of course!

If you’d like to join my Once a month challenge – please write as I’d love to hear!