Have a nice weekend!

This weekend I’ll be selling some of my latest work at an expat market, I hope it will be crowded and a lot of fun! Yesterday I got a lot of work done and in the evening J and I went out for dinner. I started production of my spring/summer collection, and I love it… So, of course I can’t stop..
I took a little break though and made this, will decorate my booth with it I think!
What are your plans for the weekend, do you have anything fun going on?

Have a good one!


Have a nice weekend!

I’m really hope that I feel better tomorrow, as I plan on going to a fabric market and on Sunday there’s a flea market I want to check out. These things only happen once a week, so I better make some more tea…
What are your plans for this weekend? Next weekend, I’ll be selling at a market, so I have a bunch of stuff I want to have ready by then!

Here’s a cute and super sad little movie I stumbled across today,

Belly from Julia Pott on Vimeo.

Have a good one!

Have a nice weekend!

Oh, it’s Saturday already! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? We went out for Mexican last night and today I’m planning on getting some work done and in the evening I have a writing-job-dinner-work-thing. Tomorrow if the weather isn’t all too bad, we’re planning on going to a flea market that’s outside.. I’m on the hunt for some fabrics, as I will be shooting my new spring/summer collection in a few weeks. Time goes so fast.. This was the view when I left the building yesterday morning, so pretty!
fridayHave a nice one!

Have a nice weekend, TGIF and all that jazz.

Finally weekend and finally February! I spent yesterday writing/listening/speaking German and the afternoon I spent packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking. When the evening came, I was supposed to meet up with my class for a celebratory beer. At 9pm I was dead tired and about an hour later I was asleep. OH my! That was nice.
This morning, after a long breakfast I finally got to work. I started cutting some fabric for a cushion-project I started working on as well as do a few more necklaces for my collection that is going to be sold on both Etsy and this event. It will be my first event/market here in Berlin, so I am very excited! I’ll have a mix of new and old things. IMG_9930
I just got back from a fabric market, that’s held every Saturday just around the corner, where I picked up this:
They had quite a big collection of fabric and notions, but I’ll start with this today. Ok, back to work,
hope you are having a great weekend!


Finally Friday and finally the weekend is here! I had an interesting meeting this afternoon that I hopefully will be able to tell you more about soon…
Today when I got out from my German lesson, the sun was shining! Oh my, it was so nice! winterberlin

What are you doing this weekend? I am heading over to a friends house tonight for dinner, and tomorrow bright and early I am going to Prague! I’m only staying one night, so it will be a short and sweet trip. I’m planning on hitting a few of my favorite places, pack some of my art/crafting/sewing stuff + a few books, see a friend or two and then head back.

have a lovely weekend and talk soon!

Happy weekend!

After last night I woke up slightly more tired this morning. Attending German lessons full time is a bit exhausting, so when today’s class was cut short I think all of us were a bit pleased.
After me and some girls from the class went for a much needed coffee (and someone also had a very delicious chocolate muffin…) and continued the lesson. Or you know, had a chat. I stayed studying for a bit and then J and I went to the market to pick up some things for the weekend.
This weekend we don’t have much planned, but I’m sure we’ll continue our brunch tradition. I’m also looking for a new hat, as I lost mine new years eve and the cold weather shows no signs of leaving any day soon.

What are you up to? xo

Sunny Sunday

Sundays are slow here, most places are closed (including grocery stores..) so the day tend to be quite lazy, which I like. Luckily a lot of cafes are open, so my plan for the day was to try a new place in our area. There are several just on our street so after a long walk I went to what instantly felt like my new favorite hang out! 20130113-142453.jpg A great cappuccino in a cute little cup.20130113-142844.jpgGiven the location (and that I love the place..) I can see myself hanging here quite a bit. They have wifi as well, so it’s a great spot for getting some work done.

Hope you’re having a good weekend!

Best of…

…the weekend:
1: we finally scored a place to live! Only for a month though, but hopefully that’s all we need to find something more long term. Feels really good I must say!
2: our cards that got hacked in Mexico, finally my bank gave me some good news and I should get my cash back within a few days! Yey!
Saturday we walked around our new hood and went for lunch at a really cute place, could be my new favorite cafe as it had everything – good (and well priced) coffee, free wifi and comfy chairs.
We’re in a great neighborhood right now, everywhere I go I see so many cute little caf├ęs/bars/restaurants I want to try.

Have a nice weekend!

I am on my way back to Berlin, my week in Stockholm went way too fast (as always) but I had a great stay. Yesterday my sister and I went for a vintage/second hand round, and we both got home with some great finds! My suitcases are full of Christmas presents and some new things plus some Christmas cookies my mom gave me for the trip :) 20121228-173707.jpg
Do you have any plans for the weekend? Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a bit warm and sunny so I’m looking forward to walking around a bit.

See you soon!