Sketching up a storm

At the moment I am working on two collections parallel with each other. The last year, my line has been more or less on ice, as I got so many other orders and jobs. I wasn’t too happy about it, and when we moved to Berlin, I decided I’d cut out a few things from my work-life, and focus more on what I really want to do. My line is the biggest thing, so I decided to do a small spring/summer line, that will be shot in about a month and for sale shortly after. I’m also working on a bigger collection for the autumn/winter.IMG_0001This weekend, I spent some time working on a couple of prints I want to use for both collections, and I can’t wait to start using them!
IMG_9995 This one I think is gonna be really cute on a shirt and I’m also thinking totes… Now’s the big question – what do YOU think? :)


My week!

It seems like I write these posts a lot, I guess time goes by really quickly, we’re almost in the middle of February! Crazy! Anyways, back to the week that just was…
b51. Sunny morning on my way to school

b42. Finally there are flowers at the market! I wanted to buy all of them…

b23. Crocheting big granny squares to be used as pot holders.

b34. I have a slight obsession with washi tape..

b15. Out for a Saturday walk. First it was snowing like crazy, then we went for lunch and this is what we got out to.

IMG_99876. Ran into heaven after dinner the other night

b67. And this is what Sunday’s been all about. Working. But I love it, I have so many ideas and plans!

This week I’ll be planning a photo shoot, work on my next collection, do some writing and oh yes, studying German… Bis bald, like the Germans say!

Have a nice weekend!

Oh, it’s Saturday already! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? We went out for Mexican last night and today I’m planning on getting some work done and in the evening I have a writing-job-dinner-work-thing. Tomorrow if the weather isn’t all too bad, we’re planning on going to a flea market that’s outside.. I’m on the hunt for some fabrics, as I will be shooting my new spring/summer collection in a few weeks. Time goes so fast.. This was the view when I left the building yesterday morning, so pretty!
fridayHave a nice one!

January pt 2.

So, the month is over and let’s see..
Well. January was a rough rough month. So. I didn’t read the book I had planned for the month, but instead I read my German text books, and that’s A LOT. I didn’t even start to listen to the album I had planned, but instead I listened a lot to the mamas and the papas.
As for cooking, I made a few new things and also figured out the best trick for pizza crust. Will write a post about it next time we make it. DIY. You saw this, no? And I actually made it in January.

So, to summarize this month, I can say that I did crappy. However, this was something for me and not something I’ll get graded on, but I hope to do better for February.

Washi tape – DIY

This is possible the easiest DIY ever, but I wasn’t really doing anything creative for our first month here in Berlin, so I was quite excited :)
You’ll need:
Washi tape
a computer

Cut out ca 1″ long pieces of the washi tape, cut them again in half and then make them pointy.. Mix and match and there you go! banner

I’ve moved them around a few times, and they are starting to peel off a little on some corners, so it wont last for forever, but sure it makes it look cute.

A great place for washi tape, or check etsy.

My week!

I’m glad last week is over and that February is here. But first, a few snaps from the past week.
IMG_99091. Well, someone was alone…

IMG_99112. Early morning coffee…

IMG_99223. …and lots of pasta

IMG_99144. Everything needed to be packed

berlin5. Sunny and warm morning walk

IMG_99136. And then there was a new bedroom

pillow17. Finally got some work done!

This week the next level of my German course starts, and I’m also looking forward to get some work done, it was so nice to spend some time by my machines this weekend!

Hope you had a good one and cheers to the next!

Have a nice weekend, TGIF and all that jazz.

Finally weekend and finally February! I spent yesterday writing/listening/speaking German and the afternoon I spent packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking. When the evening came, I was supposed to meet up with my class for a celebratory beer. At 9pm I was dead tired and about an hour later I was asleep. OH my! That was nice.
This morning, after a long breakfast I finally got to work. I started cutting some fabric for a cushion-project I started working on as well as do a few more necklaces for my collection that is going to be sold on both Etsy and this event. It will be my first event/market here in Berlin, so I am very excited! I’ll have a mix of new and old things. IMG_9930
I just got back from a fabric market, that’s held every Saturday just around the corner, where I picked up this:
They had quite a big collection of fabric and notions, but I’ll start with this today. Ok, back to work,
hope you are having a great weekend!


German test & moving tomorrow – I’ll be back with a cute DIY for you within the next few days. Until then – enjoy this:
Feels like spring is in the air..

Talk soon!

36-hour trip

Saturday morning I left for Prague. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky, but as soon as we crossed the boarder, the skies were grey and the temperature dropped. It was short, sweet and very intense. I got to hang out a little by myself, with some friends and go through a ton of my stuff, it was a little walk down memory lane.
Here are a few snaps from my weekend..
coldTold you it was cold…

coffee perfect cappuccino at my favorite place!

mexico Found a few memories from our Mexico trip

pan Sunday + brunch = blue berry pancakes! They are a must!

light Packing some of the most important things had to come with me..

It was a nice trip, but it was also really good to come back to Berlin. It was a bit strange to be there and to be there alone. It was fun to go through all my things, and I brought a lot from my studio, so I am really looking forward to get to work soon, its been way too long!