My week!

Swoosch and the week is over.. For this “my week”-post, I thought I’d try something new with the pictures.. week21. Breakfast trio 2. Mustafas gemüse kebap 3. A new pair ready to be sold! 4. Sick in bed, J made me lunch

week1 Weekend! 1. New fabrics 2. Banana pancakes for brunch 3. Burrito with cous cous.

You like the new format? I do. At least for now.


My week!

Our first real week in Berlin! Actually, as we got to Berlin Wednesday evening, I’ll just add those days to the week.
Saturday morning started with this…
IMG_80831. Birthday gift to me!

IMG_80892. …and in the evening some champagne.

IMG_80733. When I went to class Monday morning, Berlin was all white…

IMG_80774. Casual dinner requires Berliner beer

IMG_81025. coffee at school

IMG_81096. Breakfast time

IMG_81107. A memory from Mexico

IMG_81118. kitchen floors where we stayed

IMG_81159. Back in Prague and at Globe!

IMG_813410. My favorite blueberry pancakes for brunch

IMG_814311. Cute little Christmas present from a dear friend.

That’s that! The days are passing by so fast, I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! We’re leaving for Sweden on Thursday, I am soo excited!!

Lazy, lovely weekend.

We’ve just enjoyed a long brunch and some scrabble playing, and now I’m soon off for some Christmas shopping!image
The weather is a lot milder then it was in Berlin, something I’m really happy about as its been sooo cold lately. Our last day in the states, I was in a t-shirt, and then we flew right into snow and winter. photo Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

Have a nice weekend!

Hey guys,
what are you up to this weekend? We are off to Prague tonight!
Can you believe Christmas is in just 10 days? I can’t… In Prague I’m planning on doing my last Christmas shopping, and we’re also going to Globe’s xmas party! Even though I am happy we left, I’m really looking forward to coming back for a few days. I am meeting up with some friends, we’re going to my favorite cafe for a belated b-day cake (my b-day was a few days ago) and I’m planning on some delicious pancakes for brunch! IMG_2112

Have a great one!