My week!

Swoosch and the week is over.. For this “my week”-post, I thought I’d try something new with the pictures.. week21. Breakfast trio 2. Mustafas gemüse kebap 3. A new pair ready to be sold! 4. Sick in bed, J made me lunch

week1 Weekend! 1. New fabrics 2. Banana pancakes for brunch 3. Burrito with cous cous.

You like the new format? I do. At least for now.


Maybachufer market

Today after class, Jason met me outside of school and in the snow, we walked over to the Maybachufer Market, also known as the Turkish market.
As we’re heading to Prague soon, we didn’t want to stock up on too much, but we got some fresh and super delicious bread, olives, tomatoes and a few other things including Parmesan cheese! Very excited as I love Parmesan and haven’t had any since we left the states ;).
The market also has tons of sewing supplies and fabric, but that will have to wait a little. 20121211-183433.jpg
We had a nice afternoon but boy was it nice to come home! I’m not quite ok with this cold weather just yet, I think a part of me is still in Mexico..

Ps. I know it’s been a while. A few post to put you all up to date are planned, but it’s been so long so I had to start with a little day adventure.