Vintage shopping and a little trick

Sunday is not only closed-day here, it’s also flea market day. Luckily during this season, some of them are held indoors. We went by one that didn’t have much (but we got some fresh air walking there) so we decided to go for a coffee instead. One of the caf├ęs in our hood, also has a small vintage section that today had expanded the vintage part to the whole space. I didn’t really see anything I liked, so we were just about to leave when I saw that there was a small little room that I had missed. “Just gonna take a quick look” I told J, and right before my eyes, a lovely cashmere/silk sweater was hanging. A few minutes later it was mine!
As with most natural materials, cashmere included, after some wear can get small “knots” = it’s pilling. They make the garment look pretty ratty, but it’s easily taken care of. Just use a sharp razor blade (or your own works fine, just make sure the blade is new!) and carefully shave them off. The razor has to run smoothly over them.
Silk and cashmere are expensive, so look out for them when you’re hunting, as you can find some great deals.